Floral Still Lives

blue flowers.jpg

The first is my favorite, painted with blue and white gouache. The second is a watercolor painting of the same bunch of flowers. The third is also blue gouache, I think. I like the contrast between the massive bulb and the skinny little roots.

Fungi at the Thielke Arboretum

With all the rain we’ve been getting I’ve been discovering fungi everywhere I look. Before my recent fascination with mushrooms, I’d never even noticed that they’re all around me. Now that I’m on the lookout, wow. My own backyard, a walk into town, outside a friends house or on a neighbor’s front lawn - they’re everywhere.

In a completely natural environment, like the arboretum here in town, the variety seems endless. Here’s what I found on a short walk…

SKETCHBOOK: Lichen in Watercolor

Lichens are everywhere, if you look for them…

One of the things I love about them is that they blend in, don’t call attention to themselves. They grow slowly, extending outward from the middle. The most common, or at least the ones I most often see, are light shades of green, some of my favorite colors. I painted one (of many) which grow on an old teak chair in my backyard.



While hunting for these mushrooms, I took note of their color so that I could try to identify them once I got home. Since spore prints are sometimes important for accurate identification (I think especially for gilled mushrooms) I picked some that I found. For some reason unknown to me, however, my attempts to make spore prints from the caps were for the most part unsuccessful.

Fungi found at the Celery Farm in Allendale, NJ.

Fungi found at the Celery Farm in Allendale, NJ.

celery farm 2_9.2018.jpg