A LOOK BACK: Garden Collage Series

I made these little collages from my old nursery catalogs. I totally enjoyed making them - they combine my love of quilting and gardening. I like that they were quick to make (took about an hour) so I could complete them in one sitting. While making them I was thinking about color and rhythm. In two of them I'd combined contrasting colors and was aiming for a quick, energetic pace. In the other two I used many shades of green combined with repetitive strips for a slower, more relaxed feeling.

Here's my takeaway: I've got to do more of these quick studies! Normally, before starting a project, I do a bunch of pencil sketches to compose the design, but rarely do I play with the color. Using old catalogs to make collage somehow makes it easier for me to make color choices. So next time, rather than mixing a specific color on my palette, I'll reach for something to cut up... catalogs, magazines, paper scraps and even fabric. 

Medium: collage

Size: 4"x6"

Date: Around 2010