SKETCHBOOK: Lichen in Watercolor

Lichens are everywhere, if you look for them…

One of the things I love about them is that they blend in, don’t call attention to themselves. They grow slowly, extending outward from the middle. The most common, or at least the ones I most often see, are light shades of green, some of my favorite colors. I painted one (of many) which grow on an old teak chair in my backyard.


Botanical Line Drawing

Earlier this year, just for fun, I took a botanical drawing class at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. The instructor, Laura Vogel, was very methodical and thorough in her teaching style. She covered all aspects of line and how to use it to describe form, suggest both light source and depth of field, all while portraying the subject with accuracy. Here are some of my drawings from the class.

A branch from the Magnolia tree in my backyard.

A branch from the Magnolia tree in my backyard.

Although I studied art in college, there was a lot I picked up in this class. It was a great refresher, and I loved having an excuse to walk to gardens every week!