How to Paint a Rain Barrel

A couple weeks ago I walked past the offices of the Hackensack Riverkeeper, a great organization that helps restore, protect and preserve the Hackensack River and it's watershed. It also educates the public through eco-cruises, bird-walks and presentations, and offers plenty of opportunities for volunteers to pitch in their time and resources. I had taken my family on one of their eco-cruises several years back and really enjoyed it, so when I saw their street sign, I took a couple minutes to step inside and check it out.

The people working there were super friendly, and I loved all the nature posters they had hanging around the walls and cubicles. I was inspired by their mission, and since the idea of volunteering my services had been bouncing around my head since... forever, I did just that. "I'm an illustrator, and if there's ever anything I can do to help you out, just let me know", I said, and as fate would have it, they happen to have a rain barrel in need of some art. It had been donated by the  BCUA for the Riverkeeper's annual fundraising event as an auction item, and the thought was that a little paint job might boost the bids.

I took the rain barrel home and immediately began researching the process of painting a plastic surface which would ultimately live outdoors. As I perused multiple sites to figure out how to do this and compiled a list of all the supplies I would need, I was surprised I hadn't come across a sight that had all of this info conveniently presented in one blog post. I wanted a quick instructional video to give me an overview of the process, as well as a .pdf download of the supply list, and a written set of instructions that I could bring into my workspace.  Since it didn't exist, I decided to put it together for all the future rain barrel painters of the world. Rain barrel painters - unite!

So here it is... my first instructional video and accompanying .pdf download. Although far from perfect, I hope it helps! 

I welcome all feedback, so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section of my YouTube channel, Art & Nature Time. If you like it, please leave a thumbs up! Also, I'd love to see your end results, so when you've finished your rain barrel, please send me some photos. Here are some pictures of mine...