Painting Fabric

Painted muslin with fabric paints for possible use in a quilt. Center piece was stretched across an embroidery hoop. Easier to paint when taut, also helped to have a guide for the circle shape. Last photo, an experiment with bleach. Thinking about pairing the bleached denim with the painted fabric...

Sketch Book Fungi and Lichen

Sketchbook Flowers

Drew these with acrylic markers.

Botanical Art Show

Saw a show of Botanical art at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. Below are my favorites.

Mixed Media

With the first two paintings below, I began to add some collage elements to the acrylic painting. I had bought myself a bunch of new colors and needed to test them out... this third painting is of all the new colors, labeled by name.

Rhododendron Painting

Began with a charcoal sketch on the canvas, blocked in the background, and got as far as you see below, close to finished.

Recent Paintings