Blue Buddha Screenprint

I didn't know that there was a service out there that make your image into a silkscreen for you until I stumbled across it on the web. The name of the sight I used is Anthem Printing, and I highly recommend them. The process was so easy - I just uploaded my image and picked a screen size. A week or so late, the screen arrived at my doorstep.


Printing the screen was NOT as easy... print after print came out flooded with ink like the one below. After about 10-15 prints, I started to get the feel for it and finally made a decent print. Even once I made it to that point, however, I had to stop after each print to wipe the reverse side of excess ink. Still not sure what I'm doing wrong, or if I should have ordered the image on a finer screen. 

More screen printing to come I'm sure...


Hamsa Notecards

The artworks on these cards are relief prints - a bolder, more graphic look than the papercuttings in the previous post.

Nature Notecards

Just got some notecards printed up - here are the nature inspired black & whites...

White Line Woodcut; a Brief How-To

Here's my second white line woodcut. Below left is the white pine wood cut to about an 8" square. Below right is the finished print.


Here's how I made this print - first, I transferred my drawing to the wood using transfer paper. Then I used an x-acto knife to cut along the lines of the drawing. Using thumbtacks, I pinned my paper to the right side border (this kept the paper out of my way when I was painting since I'm a lefty). To print, I painted watercolor onto a section of the wood up to the edges of the carved lines, then lowered the paper onto the surface of the block. To transfer the color to the paper, I rubbed the backside of the paper (in the general area where I'd just applied paint) with a spoon. I continued painting and printing until I was finished. 


Nature Studies in Ink

White Line Woodcut

My first white line print - in progress.

My first white line print - in progress.


Just returned from our annual week-long vacation in Truro, MA, where I'd been thrilled to find a class in "White Line Woodcuts" being taught at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum during our stay. I immediately registered and I'm glad I did. The class was taught by artist Sally Brophy whose work includes white line woodcuts inspired by nature. You can see more of her prints here - my favorite is the one with mermaids, which coincidentally, I had purchased (in the form of a notecard at the Pilgrim Monument gift shop) several years previous to enrolling in her class. 

Highlights of the workshop included:

Learning the white line woodcut technique.

Seeing original white line prints from the PAAM collection by artist Blanche Lazelle and others.

Visiting the Bakker Gallery to see more prints, including an origianal Sally Brophy!

Watching the documentary "Packed in a Trunk" - which uncovers the story of artist Edith Lake Wilkinson (one of the originators of the white line technique), who was "committed to an asylum in 1924 and never heard from again". 

Working alongside classmates and seeing their work in progress.

All in all, a great experience - more white line woodcuts to come!


Blockprint Quilt - Finished!

Here are pics of a quilt I recently finished and gave to my mom for her birthday. She loved it!

It's made of my old skinny jeans and squares of my hand-carved / hand-stamped fabric, so there's ALOT of love baked in... 

Read more about how I made it here.