New Challah Covers in Shop

Lately I've been wanting to experiment with different sewing styles and techniques - appliqué, patchwork, fabric stamping, etc... Even though I'm just playing around, I like the idea of actually making a finished piece. The challah cover is the perfect size for this, so it's become my focus. Here are three that I've just finished and added to my shop...

The first has a felt dove appliquéd onto a denim background with hand embroidered text that reads "Shabbat Shalom" both in English and in Hebrew. The backside is a dark blue velvet. It's machine quilted with echo lines.


The second is made with denim, twill, chambray, quilting cotton and muslin. It's also hand embroidered with "Shabbat Shalom", but only in English. The backside is an off-white cotton, and there's no batting or quilting, so it's thinner than the previous cover.


The third challah cover is quilted like the first, and has a patchwork design like the second, but is unique in that it's made with some of my hand-stamped fabrics. There's denim, twill and cotton fabrics with a white twill backside.


Next up will most likely be needle felting.... stay tuned!