Ink Drawings for Challah Cover

This is a really fun way to design... using india ink and a paintbrush, I filled three large sheets of paper with Shabbat motifs along with florals and plant life. Afterwards, I picked the icons I liked best, and scanned them. On my computer, I arranged the separate elements into one unified design. I also played around with reversing the type to white and putting it on a blue shape. Here are the paintings... 


And here they are arranged into a challah cover design....


I sent the file to Spoonflower to be digitally printed onto fabric. I chose two different fabrics to print onto to see which one I like better - Kona Cotton Ultra and Celosia Velvet. The velvet won, hands down. It's got a pretty sheen, a hefty weight, and the color is brighter and more saturated.  Here they are side by side, cotton (left) and velvet (right).


Here are some more views of the velvet print....


Now I just need to cut the excess fabric from around the edges and and trim to finish it off!