Vicky is available to do presentations for large groups as well as hands-on workshops in small group settings which allow for more individualized attention. Either the classroom or schoolyard (weather permitting) work well for these. All of her presentations and workshops can be adapted for different age groups.

Vicky will come to a school for up to four 45-minute presentations and/or workshops per day. She has several programs  to choose from.


Nature Journaling is a proven way to help children become aware of the environment around them and develop their sense of connection with it.

In this workshop artist/teacher Vicky Katzman will introduce students to historical artists/naturalists whose works were inspired by nature, before venturing outdoors (or indoors using the artist’s nature samples) to begin creating entries in journals of their own. Emphasis is placed on strong observation and mindful recording of facts and feeling, rather than creating a beautiful picture.

This workshop provides enjoyment and satisfaction while integrating writing, math, science and drawing. It can be expanded into a residency in which students will explore arthropods, symmetry and color, as well as leaves, seeds, shapes and textures. 


This program is a 45-50 minute workshop.
Vicky will arrive 1/2 hour prior to the first session to set up. She would prefer to remain in one room; however, she can move from room to room if necessary. Allow for more time between sessions if she does not remain in one room. 

Students will work at their desks for a portion of the workshop, and in a group for some of the time. Please provide a carpeted area where Vicky can sit on the floor with the students. 

If the weather is nice and there is access to an outside area, Vicky will take the students outside. If that is not possible, she will bring items from her nature collection for the students to work with. 

Please provide pencils for each student. Vicky will bring all other materials.