Starting a Quilt Group!


So excited to be starting a quilt group with my friend Beth. She's my crafty friend in town who I met through our daughters. We'll be meeting at the Glen Rock Public Library on Thursdays at 1:00 starting November 10th. Above is the flyer the director of the library (Betsy) made for us to advertise. Betsy will also be posting the information online and listing it in the newspaper. She has been incredibly helpful.

Just several months back Beth and I had attempted to start the group by posting flyers in town (and thought we'd meet at a coffee shop). It was a lot of work with zero return. Partnering with the library is THE WAY TO GO when starting an open group. They even have two sewing machines which they'll be allowing us to use at our meetings! Couldn't be happier.

Now just waiting with fingers crossed that there are people interested in joining us...