What to Bring to a Quilting Bee

It's been three weeks since my friend and I started a quilting group (which we now call the Glen Rock Quilting Bee, or GRQB) and I love it! We meet every week for two hours in the town library. Each of us work on our own individual projects just as we would at home, except we are together, which is much more fun! I love seeing what everybody's working on, it's sooo inspiring. It's also quite educational - some of the women who have been quilting for many years are happy to share their expertise if one of us should need it. You don't get that when you're home alone in your work space!

The only thing I don't like about this weekly meet up is the fact that I need to pack up all my supplies to take with me, and unpack them all once I get home. But until I have two of everything I need (which is unlikely to ever happen) I'll just have to deal. Waaaaa! 

One think that helps (just like every other routine in life that requires a little thought) is having a list. A list assures that I'll remember to bring everything I'll need, while leaving my mind free to day dream - or whatever. The past couple weeks I've been scribbling my list on an index card and tweaking it. I think it's pretty much complete, but I'll be adding to it if I find there's anything else I need to bring.

If you, my dear reader, would like to print it out, feel free. Just keep in mind - we all have our own sewing needs (depending on the project or working style), so you should consider it a starting point to which you can add and cross off until it works for you.

Quilting Bee Packing List


Start off by packing current project including any cut pieces, fabrics, pattern templates, instructions, etc.


  1. fabric pencil
  2. fabric marker
  3. pencil sharpener
  4. tape measure
  5. measuring guage
  6. pins
  7. pin cushion


  1. cutting mat
  2. rotary cutter
  3. quilter's ruler
  4. fabric scissors


  1. sewing machine
  2. extension cord
  3. thread
  4. needles
  5. bees wax
  6. thimble
  7. snips
  8. seam ripper


  1. iron
  2. ironing pad
  3. misting bottle

MISCELLANEOUS (for the group)

  1. member list
  2. fabric and batting scraps
  3. quilting magazines or books to pass along