Playing With Vector Art

I've been playing around with vector art! Lots of fun...after scanning drawings from my sketchbook, I use Image Trace in Illustrator. At that point I can individually select and colorize the lines, fills, and background. Also, easy to play with color schemes. In Kuler I create color palettes by pulling from photos or artwork. The palettes automatically load into Illustrator where I can pick and choose. The  colors in the floral were not as tacky looking when I was working on it, I swear! They were mellow and muted, so just try to picture it, please.

random characters_1500pxW.jpg
random characters_blues_1500pxW.jpg

Night Bird & Sketches

A couple pages from my sketchbook cleaned up in Illustrator. The first sketch is part of an ABC project I have been playing with which I call "Small Wonders". The second sketch of dreidels and menorahs I'd like to work into a repeat for Chanukah gift wrap.


The idea here is from a story I wrote some years back called "Night Bird". It's about a bird that visits a boy's window every night until he agrees to fly with him. However, the bird is not your typical nocturnal, which is meant to give it's visits a little air of mystery... Below are two different pattern designs I worked on this week with the Night Bird in mind. Something irked me about the pointed stars in the first, so I redid it with rounds stars. The last is a work in progress. Next week I'd like to develop several more designs to create a collection around the Night Bird theme.