Black and White Quilt Design

This is an idea I have for a quilt design. I had been looking through some of my old sketchbooks and came across some of my old paintings of botanicals and patterns. I thought the patterns would be great on fabric, and that the fabric would be great for making a quilt. As a occasional quilter, that’s just how I think… pattern leads to fabric, fabric leads to quilt design, and quilt design (sometimes) leads to quilt!


Quilting by Hand

I've been making quilts (sporadically) over the past 15 years, and had never attempted hand quilting until I'd completed piecing the top for this black and white. Stitching an entire quilt by hand had always seemed too time consuming, but somehow, this one seemed to cry out for the human touch. I'd already deprived it of curves and color, so I thought I owed it at least this much.

Turns out I LOVE the process, even more so than machine quilting. I found myself looking forward to working on it all day, a reward for completing all of my menial labor. Normally, at this time of night, I'd hold my computer on my lap and catch up on e-mails (which I now realize is a task better suited to my crisp, morning brain). At the end of a long day, I now find, nothing beats relaxing on the couch with a needle in my hand, and a quilt in my lap.