How I Make My Hand-Stamped Fabric


I haven't had too much experience with stamping on fabric, but I do have experience with relief printmaking. In general, I prefer to explore a process (as long as it's fairly simple) before learning the proper way to do it. That way, I'm driven by what works for the specific needs of my project, with the added result of keeping my mind open to exploring alternative routes. Here's how I went about making my hand-stamped fabric...


Playing With Vector Art

I've been playing around with vector art! Lots of fun...after scanning drawings from my sketchbook, I use Image Trace in Illustrator. At that point I can individually select and colorize the lines, fills, and background. Also, easy to play with color schemes. In Kuler I create color palettes by pulling from photos or artwork. The palettes automatically load into Illustrator where I can pick and choose. The  colors in the floral were not as tacky looking when I was working on it, I swear! They were mellow and muted, so just try to picture it, please.

random characters_1500pxW.jpg
random characters_blues_1500pxW.jpg

Night Bird & Sketches

A couple pages from my sketchbook cleaned up in Illustrator. The first sketch is part of an ABC project I have been playing with which I call "Small Wonders". The second sketch of dreidels and menorahs I'd like to work into a repeat for Chanukah gift wrap.


The idea here is from a story I wrote some years back called "Night Bird". It's about a bird that visits a boy's window every night until he agrees to fly with him. However, the bird is not your typical nocturnal, which is meant to give it's visits a little air of mystery... Below are two different pattern designs I worked on this week with the Night Bird in mind. Something irked me about the pointed stars in the first, so I redid it with rounds stars. The last is a work in progress. Next week I'd like to develop several more designs to create a collection around the Night Bird theme.